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Funny problem...kind of

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OK, so I was driving to work the other morning in a very light rain. I had the windshiel wipers going on intermittent. I was at a stop-light, and it turned green right when my windshield wipers were halfway through a wipe. So I hit the gas and the wipers went again with about 1/2 second delay! WTF?

I thought I was seeing things, so I tried it at the next stop-light and it did it again!! Too funny. Almost like there was a surge in the computer or something that forced the wiper delay to run.

Just to make sure i wasn't crazy, I did it with the wife in the car yesterday and I duplicated it...glad I'm not the only person who has seen it...I thought I was losing my mind.

While this is really no big deal, it does make me wonder if it's a symptom of a bad ECU or something. :eek:

Anyone else seen this?
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With my Koup SX on slowest intermittent I noticed about every 1 of 6 'rounds' the delay between swipes is shorter than the other 5.
hahaha... that's pretty awesome. I don't think I've paid that much attention to my wipers. Then again, haven't driven much in the rain here in California (read: California doesn't get much rain). I'll have to see if I can duplicate this issue.

Very interesting. I'll let you know what happens with my EX Eco.
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