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I have downloaded the first page of the latest TSB's from The Kia Tech Site and uploaded them to a folder on the web. Below you will find links to the first page of the pdf file that the Kia Technician sees. Please make note of the specific application for some of these TSBs, some are very specific to engine and/or transmission.

PCM Upgrade DTC P0304 Cylinder Mis-Fire With 2.0l Engine And A/T Logic (SA025) (ENG 059)

Auto Cruise Control Logic Update For Uphill Driving Performance Improvement (SA013) (ENG 051)

Audio Software Update (SA024) (GEN 033)

Bluetooth Display Correction For Forte (SA014) (GEN 031)

PCM Upgrade For Manual Transmission 2-3 Shift Shock Rpm Improvement (SA022) (ENG 057)

ECU Upgrade for Motor Driven Power Steering System (SA019) (Chassis - 020)

PCM Upgrade "Reverse" Position RPM Improvement (SA018) (Engine - 058)

PCM Upgrade - Shift Hesitation and Shift Delay Improvement with 2.0L and 4 Speed A/T (SA020) (Trans - 030)

Fuel Cap Replacement On 2010 Forte (SA023) (FUEL 017)

Sunvisor Retainer Replacement And Adjustment Procedure (Bod 052)

Engine Compartment Junction Box Relay Replacement (SA012) (BOD 049)

Forte Sedan Front and Rear Door Skin Rattle Noise (Body - 050)

Driveshaft Housing and Transaxle Oil Seal Inspection and Replacement (SA011) (TRANS - 026)

Constant Variable Valve Timing Oil Control Valve Inspection (Engine - 046)

One interesting note has to do with the CVVT Oil Control Valve. In the bulletin, it is stated that non-OEM oil filter could affect oil flow rates and adversely affect the CVVT system.:eek:
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