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These chips work by messing with the IAT signal going to the ECU, tricking it into dumping more/less fuel into the engine at certain points. It shouldn't throw any codes since it does keep the signal within manufacturer specs.
60HP? No way. Maybe 10.
4-7 MPG? No. Lower if anything.
Lower emissions? Probably not.

And there is no way it costs 400 bucks. The chip is a very simple micro controller that costs literally a dollar.

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Has anyone used this?

KIA FORTE KOUP G-Force Peformance Chip

Manufacturer Part Number: 106976
Your Price: $69.00

This sounds to good to be tru.
If it look to good to be true, then it is.
All kind of this is crap.
60 hp for 70 buck, is impossible. except 70$ for a baseball bat to break a windows and steel a better car :)

a normal ratio is around 100$(cdn) per HP gain.
exemple : full exaust system cost (shipped, installed) around 1000$
and ou get near 10 hp

hope it's help
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