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Glossy black roof

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As you get older, you tend to prefer the OEM style of your car more. You're no longer interested in all these huge spoilers, side skirts, wide bodies, etc. You appreciate the original design of the car as intented by the manufacturer. You're becoming too old for this sh...

In the same time there are still some things that you would probably do in another way if you were a designer. And if we're talking about Kia Forte GT-Line I would made some minor design corrections. And let's begin with the glossy black roof.

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I can't say that every car should have a glossy black roof. Not all my previous cars had one. However this particular vehicle is better to have it. For me it looks a bit more stylish. Therefore, I contacted a few vinyl wrapping services near me and found an affordable one, that can do the job.
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I believe that the $200 price is reasonable for this type of service. I don't need any additional "warranties" or "ceramic coats" (what?) on it. I only want the roof wrapped.

To avoid asking for this service twice, I decided to add extra $40 to wrap front side markers in the same glossy black vinyl. To be honest, I hate these markers. I don't understand why the rest of the world doesn't have it, but the US. These things just ruin the overall picture.
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Wheel Tire Sky Vehicle Car

Although this film is not transparent, some light from these markers is still visible at night. But I'm OK with that. I just want to hide them at daylight, because there are only white, black and red accents on this car. Not orange...
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And what do you think? Thanks everyone for reading this and safe travels. Love your cars!

Costs: $240
Mileage: 1275 mi
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I have been toying with the idea of a "Wolf Grey" wrap for mine, and a carbon wrap for the trunk lid, roof, and hood. Not sure yet however.
Go ahead and do it, Jason. I think it would look great. Just be sure to post pics. You know how much we all love pics!
Man, those are some nice wheels. I think they'd look great on a LOT of cars.
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