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What color wheel would look better with Titanium pain


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Gonna pull the trigger today....

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Okay guys for months I been debating what wheels I am gonna get...I think I found the one I like the most....I originally wanted 5 spoke because I think it universally looks the best on every car but think I need to get something different than what I've ever had....Mesh style it is! I have the wheel picked out. I just need to know what you think will look better on my Titanium....




Want to order today...Just need a lil bit of help from you guys to decide..Opinons are appreciated as always!!!!

**EDIT** - I added a 3rd wheel I hadn't noticed. A 10 spoke Ruff Racing R395. Opinions????


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How about a pic of the wheel?
Yea give us pics of both and it would be a lot easier to help u.
yeah hyper black? lol what the eff is that..
pictures please
Here ya go.....Hyper black is like a Metallic Gunmetal...Shiny, but not chrome but not completely black...Kinda confusing to explain...

Here are the pics. Hyper Black is the first pic obviously..BE NICE! I just think this is a nice looking wheel...I can handle constructive criticism though....The wheels are Ruff Racing r350


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I like the wheels ecko. I think I like the hyper black better.
I like the wheel in the hyper black. (I am not the biggest fan of silver studs/screws on black rims)

But over all i like the rims alot
The one on the left would look fantastic!
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