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Good news for metric lovers

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Hey all,

I dont know if this is a repost but I just got an email from the good people at Ultra Guage and they indicated a metric version is coming soon (relitively speaking) Iv got the imperial one atm and love it but I would love it more in a unit of measure I didnt have to mentally convert :)
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????? ?
finaly a (coolant) temperature display? ;)
Finally. Although i would have liked this while it was still winter.

As i've expressed many times my one gripe with my EX is lack of temp gauge. Everyone told me "oh that doesn't matter" yet every freezing cold morning I think "is my engine warm enough?"
does anyone have a complete list of comfirmed gauges that this works with on our car?
Iv got the imperial one but I believe there is a post on these boards with a list of gauges that work.
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