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Got my 2011 Koup SX Manual

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Got my car finally! drove it back home from PA to NY
first time driving a manual!!! and then was stuck in traffic stalled 3 times during the traffic

im still having problems with the first gear :(
every now and then it's smooth, but majority just jerks lol
but then again im new to it!!!


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Congratulations on your new ride! She's a beauty!

1st to 2nd sucks on my Forte Sedan EX and it sucked on my Spectra EX also. It's just a KIA thing and you'll get used to it eventually :p

I think I will get used to it.

gonna go practice for a bit now LMAO

got a good still not familiar with the warranties

whats the 10 years/ 100,000 miles really for?
and also the dealer that i bought it at is giving me 10 years/ 200,000 miles!!!


just came back...i would say my launches isn't so bad...except for the uphill stop sign...i stalled on that :(
need more practice on that

im actually not sure if 1st to 2nd is anything since this is my first manual and never drove a manual before

so i guess my learning on it would be this's a good thing i guess?
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anyone with manual, any tips on launching on first gear?

anyone with manual, any tips on launching on first gear?

If you're just starting out, try revving a little more than usual (maybe 2-2.5k) and slowly let out the clutch. Now don't do it enough to burn the clutch out lol, but as you figure our where the clutch grabs best you'll be able to launch at lower rpms.

I'm sure I'll be corrected by at least a handful of people here, but I told my friend when he tried my car to do the same thing.

Also, search for the "best throttle mod ever" on the forum and try it out. That will help immensely! :D

Good luck and welcome!!
i saw the best throttle mod ever thread, but im a complete noob in these things. i don't want to run the risk of messing it up
congrats, now onto modding!
Hahaha you want me to teach you how to drive?? lol
I know you already saw:

but believe me when i say its extremely easy. it was the first thing i did to the car, prior to that, i didn't even know how to do anything.

really easy. fail proof.

and welcome to the forum
And since you live so close to me, I'll evn help you do it.....but you have to come cruising now!!! lol
Nice color, Congrats!
1st to 2nd is the worst..... agreed.

i am pro at 5spd and still have a stall once in a while...

revving a little higher than normal def helps..

know where the sweet spot is and careful not to burn the clutch..

its not you, its the car. haha

KIA, i can drive it, just sometimes im revving too high and stuff, but majority of the time im figuring out techniques for the uphill launches (e-brake) lmao
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