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So i was on Subaru forums, and found this awesome DIY of Suede Headliner. Any takers that wanna show us their results?

How To: DIY: Suede Headliner and Blacked out interior - Subaru Impreza WRX STI Forums:

After I posted my DIY headliner and blacked out interior in my journal, I got a few requests for a DIY write up. I actually used someone elses write up, but I will redo it with some of my own advise and things I learned along the way.

This is the original thread that I used and I borrowed some of the pics and rehosted them. I want to give credit where credit is due, so thank you to AVAWRX on Nasioc to doing your writeup which can be found here: Suede Headliner - NASIOC

Please note I did have some differences and things that work better IMHO

Materials Used:

Suede/Alanctra/Faux Suede/Shag Carpeting - it is your call: I used faux suede from Walmart. I orginally tried JoAnne's fabrics and they had the material, but they did not have enough to do the headliner.

JoAnne's Fabrics sold the same Faux Suede for $12.99 a yard after a 30% discount in the SALE section.
Walmart Material was purchased for approx $5.99 a yard. I purchased 2 yards of material.

Tip: if you seach the internet, you can also find discount coupons for JoAnne's

Note: Fabrics come in different widths. I measured the headliner and figured I would need 4ft (48in) minimum to cover the headliner and have a little extral to fold over. I actually went with a 54in wide Faux Suede.

Paint: I did not use paint on my pillars. I used black Pasti-dip from Lowes. They also sell it at Home depot. (Approx $7/can) I used 1 can, but will need to purchase another to do some touch ups.

You will also want more if you decide to pain the handles and all the hardware. I chose not to do all of it because parts that move can chip easily. I like the contrast as well with the exception of the visors which I will be fixing.

Adhesive Spray: I used a 3M adhesive spray. GET THE 90! There is also a lower grade (77) is cheaper but I am told that it won't hold up. (Approx: $10/can) **I used the whole can

Philips head screw driver
Flat head screw driver
Socket wrench
14mm socket

DIY Approx time: Including tear down, actual labor, painting and putting it all back together. Id estimate about 4 hours.

First things first, you need to get the headliner and pillar covers out. (I apologize I do not have photos for this)

The A pillars (by the windshield for those not so car savy) pull right off. Pull from the top of the pillar towards the dash. They are only held on by 3 plugs/pins.

B Pillars: First you need to remove the seatbelt. Use a flat head screw driver and pry the outer cover off of the seatbelt holder. Pry from the bottom up as there is a nice gap to get in. They pop off rather easily.

Next you need to unbolt the seatbelt using the socket (14mm).

Pull again from the top of the pillar. It is only held on with pins/clips. You may need to losen the trim further down to pull the whole pillar out.

C Pillars: Remove the seatbelts as mentioned above. Pull from the top of the pillar cover and they will come right out.

Remove the sun visors using the philips head. There are 3 screws in each. DO NOT MIX UP THE SCREWS. 1 of them (in the visor clip) is smaller than the 2 screw holding the visor in place.

Pop the covers off of the interior lights with a flat head screw driver. There is a small gap where the driver fits perfectly. It does not take much force to pull them of. Next you will need to use a philips head screw driver to remove 2 screw in each light fixture. Dont forget to unplug the fixture from the wiring.

Above the rear seats there are four pop rivet thingies that you have to take out. The outer part pulls out and then should relieve tension and the headliner should be ready to come out.

Lastly are the "Oh **** Handles." Use a flat head screw driver to pop up the covers on each end. These covers do not come off completely. Once they are popped up, slide them down the handle to reveal the philips head screws.

Now you can pull your headliner down/out. This is a bit tricky and takes some odd angles to get it out of the car. I found it easiest to put the seats all the want down flat for clearance. I then turned the front of the liner towards the Pass side front door and pulled it out at about a 45* angle.

Start painting your pillars. I noticed as I did the pillars they were turning out a funny gray as I went on with each piece. With the Pasti-dip paint, you have to shake the can after every couple of seconds or the chemicals will seperate in the can and dry discolored. (This is why I have to redo one of my pillars) As long as you shake the can every couple of spray passes you will be fine.

Finish up the paint and let it sit as the plasti-dip takes a while to cure.

If you want, you can purchase a fabric dye to do the sun visors. I plan to do this, but havent gotten around to it yet. I will update once it is completed.

Now get started on the headliner. Lay the material out on the headliner as shown here.

I started at the back end and worked my way forward. My advise here is to secure the material with the 3m adhesive in 12in sections at a time. Fold back a 12in section of the material and then spray down the headliner with the adhesive and then the backside of the material (Follow the directions on the can).

Bring the material gently down on the headliner and work the material with your hands. Start on either the left or right hand side and do the "walls" of the headliner first. By doing this you make sure that you fill in all the gaps.

TAKE YOUR TIME. Make sure you smooth out the wrinkles. Once the adhesive grips, it is a PIA to get back off.

Continue this process all the way down the headliner. Next: trim fabric from edges, leaving enough to fold over- glue edges to the back of headliner. Make sure you leave enough around hte edges. I was short in a few places and have to come up with a better way to keep the edges wrapped around.

Here is my (almost) finished project. I screwed up the front near the windshield and came up with a way to cover it if you are wondering about the funny panel. As you may notice, I didnt even bother reinstalling my "Oh **** Handles." I think it looks cleaner without them.

Cheap mod, that IMO looks really good. It really changes the whole feel inside of the car. I have a few things to finish up. I need to repaint one of the A-Pillars as Im not happy how it came out, dye the sun visors and then a few touch ups here and there. One step closer to my blacked out interior project.

Total cost of this project was about $35 + my labor which was paid with beer and subs... to myself

Good luck and enjoy!

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Already did this noodile, I just did not do the suede headliner. It took me 3 cans of vinyl fabric dye. Total cost $30.

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I would love to do this to my headliner, but I know that I have a tendency to get fed up half way through and then just half ass it till its over. I think I will survive with the grey headliner for now.
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