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Grill SX Badges

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Koup Grill SX Badges

]Going to add a red SX badge to lower grill and a Koup badge to the side of car to give a sportier look.
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thats awesome man, consider puting a badge in the top grill, maybe the koup badge, just like fas93 did on her car, it looks great tho, good job man :)
o yeah where did you get the red SX badge from???
o yeah where did you get the red SX badge from???
Just got a chrome S and a X chrome badge from Autoshop, I'm presently rubbing them back and painting them with red paint.
I have posted another photo of SX badge in top grill but I think the K badge is big enough without adding more badges there.
These photos are not real just added letters with photoshop.
awesome dude.
Just finnished badges and decal
Not a bad idea... hmmm mind if i steal? :)
I like it.. sets it apart from the rest.
Thx guys...Looks even better now as I have K badges installed...Got so many looks when I was just down at the local Supermarket carpark, you could see people scratching their heads wondering what sought of car it was. One old guy walked around car with this puzzled look on his face
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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