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Grille / Eyelines

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I was wondering, is this Grille compatible with the Forte Koup, I haven't seen any Koups on this site with this specific grille. I would love to have both, anyone know where I can get the grille and eyelines painted for the red Koup?
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Seem to be the good one, and you just write you car color and code to the seller and you'll have it paint as the description says.
This seller has the same grill for less. I've bought from him before with never a problem.

09 10 Kia Forte Koup Front Hood Grill PAINTED AX Cerato : eBay Motors (item 180444207939 end time May-09-10 20:33:27 PDT)

Try emailing him and asking for a quote for the grill & eyelines painted your color (get the code from the label on the drivers door frame). His email address is shown in the listing [email protected] and his name is Young Kim. He will often give you a cheaper price by avoiding eBay and if you give him the go ahead, he'll send you an invoice via Paypal. Could save you a few bucks.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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