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grills and bra

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anyone got one of these? I am thinking of getting a black or chrome one

KIA FORTE KOUP CUSTOM BILLET GRILLE GRILL 2PC KIT 2010: eBay Motors (item 220640887336 end time Jul-30-10 18:50:07 PDT)

Due to my old car getting beaten up from raod debris I am also considering one of the following

New oem Kia Forte & Koup Front hood mask bra 2009,2010: eBay Motors (item 270552772308 end time Aug-21-10 12:34:26 PDT)

Kia Forte Koup 2009 2010 Mega Kit Clear Bra: eBay Motors (item 350320923758 end time Aug-22-10 17:52:07 PDT)

Lemme know what ya think or if anyone has experience with either
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well- these guys are a lil expensive-
but they make the clear bra in this example for the
hood, fenders,mirrors, bumper, roof and A pillars (head lights also)
i've been looking into a clear covering- and so far- these guys are the only ones i have found with such extensive coverage-looks like every leading edge of the car is able to be protected
its all 3M product- and they computer cut the pieces to fit the exact model of car.
looks like free USPS shipping, and your choice of 5 year 3m film or lifetime 3M ventureshield film..
I have the billet grilles and love them. It took me forever to decide on black vs. aluminum. In the end I was cheap and didn't spend the extra for the black powdercoating but every other day I regret not getting them black.

Good luck!
Bro, about the grill so it looks good but i like the roadrun gril and iam planing to get it soon.
about the bra so i dont like it , coz the car will looks like a pickup sorry for that but we dont use it here, but about the clear bra so iam with u about it as it ll protect the hood , but watchout to wash the car if it was parked under the sun i mean try to wash the hood while its cold.

you know, I think I am just going to leave it. If it gets messed up down the road it is more of an excuse to get a carbon fibre hood or get some vents installed and repainted etc...
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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