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GT-Line curious why you picked this trim?

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I'm curious why other people may have picked the Gt-line over LX, LXS. or GT?
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If I was shopping for a 2023 forte I would probably get the GT line but only with the sport premium package to get heated and ventilated seats. It’s unfortunately the only trim that comes fully loaded now other than the GT. I wish they still made the EX Trim in the US, because that’s what I would pick over the GT line lol. I’m not a huge fan of the GT and GT line styling personally. Only thing I wish Kia would do is add the LED headlights from the GT to some lower trim levels! I think most people choose the GT Line because of the GT styling, features, gas mileage, and simplicity. A family member recently got a 2023 Kia Rio with the IVT, honestly it is a fantastic transmission. I am very very impressed by it. Don’t know how the IVT will age long term, but I had zero complaints. Cars and especially Kia have come so far, any Forte trim level isn’t a bad choice!
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