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GT-Line curious why you picked this trim?

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I'm curious why other people may have picked the Gt-line over LX, LXS. or GT?
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I bought a GT-Line with the Prem pack and the Sport pack because I wanted a GT with the GT2 pack and no dealer in 500 miles had it or had it at less than a ridiculous $5K markup when I needed it in early November. The self-driving features are important for me, so it was either the GT+GT2 pack or the GT-Line+Prem+Sport or some other brand, period.

So when the GT-Line in the color I wanted with the packs I wanted and no markup was offered, I took it immediately.

There are a few items the maxed-out GT-Line doesn't include but I'm fine with it on account of the more comfortable ride and fuel savings, except one thing: I do not like the yellow non-LED headlamps.

I found out that in Mexico —where the GT-Line comes with fully LED headlights, as it does pretty much in every country except the U.S.— a pair of used fully LED headlights is just $500. I'm unlikely to bother to make arrangements to purchase but if by chance the opportunity ever arises, I'll buy 'em on the spot.
Right you are that the $300 Tech pack also maxes out the driver assistance tech on these cars, excepting Park Distance Warning-Rear, which can only be had with the GT-GT2 pack. I did want some of the other comfort features, though, so I ended up driving several hours to the one dealership willing to make a deal on the GT-Line.

(A dealer? Dealing? Crazy world)

Thanks for the tip re: the bulbs.
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