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I did this with my VW Jetta headlights, so i can't say it will work for Forte headlights, but i will say it did work for me.
my steps were as follow:

1. remove headlight from vehicle and bring it inside

2. have a space heater(s) or a hair drier heating up the seam of the headlight (two space heaters-one on each side works the best, but i had to use a single space heater and a hair drier first time i did this)

3. use thin but sturdy flat head (non of the little eye glass screwdrivers) and a box cutter/utility knife and gently pry the lens from housing and cut the glue as you pry your way around (i read you can do it too hard and break the housing, but from my experience- i actually broke the head of a screwdriver on it, but did no damage to the headlight assembly)

4. okay so at this point your making progress, getting the feel of it, and feeling pretty good, until you realize "hey, after i cut the hot glue, it just wants to stick together after I move on to a new area"
so to prevent this from happening you have to find a wedge of some kind (not toothpicks) to stick between the lens and housing, so it doesn't clamp itself shut. I used the little file that flips out of fingernail clippers

5. after you work your way around it should just gently pry off

6. when you glue the unit back together after everything is said and done, make sure you use an air tight glue (such as caulk, or gasket sealent, etc)

Good luck

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I wouldn't recommend a space heater. I baked my lights at 200 degrees (f) and I was having a hard time getting them apart. They needed to get up to 225-230. A space heater just won't get them hot enough and you may end up breaking the plastic when trying to pry them apart.
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