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Headlight bulb upgrade.

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I’ve done my searching and have not been able to find the direct answer I need. Wife has a 13 ex sedan and I need to know if it will require the use of the relay harness to run hid bulbs or if the plug and play harness will be fine. We always use ddm tuning hid kits.the halogen options are just not bright enough for her as she is used to the hid/led we have in our Vw. Plus we drive in the country and mountains a lot.
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I'm not sure, but if I ever I buy a kit, I'd buy the relays with it, juuuuuust in case.

You could also just buy kit without the relays, and if it doesn't work, or flickers or whatever, you could pick up the relays later.

Or maybe somebody else has a definitive answer.
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