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Heated Seats??????

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All right…. This is my first post and want to say hello. I have an EX Sedan Automatic. I wanted heated leather and like doing projects on my own. I know the SX is available with heated seats but I have a few questions. I bought this and was wondering if anyone knows the following:

1 – Does my car have the same plug?
2 - Are all prewired with the same plug just may not have the option?
3 – has anyone done this before?
4 – A picture of the harness while performing another mod?

I have no problem connecting the seat heaters to the switches...just want to know if the new console is going to be plug and play.

Thanks and hope you can help.

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i have no idea if it would fit your car- however-
there is another "piece" that would be missing if you buy that and try to jury rig something to your seats..........
there is some sort of relay in the 3 section panel where the 'dash board level' light, the traction control switch- and on some cars- the windshield/outside rearview mirror heaters--- i know when my car is quiet- and i hit the seat heater switch- i can hear a relay kick on behind that lil panel......
your best bet is to spend a lot of time looking at the wiring charts on the kgis site......Kia Global Information System (KGIS)

its free to sign up for- they dont ever send you emails.....biggest drawback is that its a lil difficult to navigate- but its got it all when it comes to figuring out which wire goes where and then some...
oh yeah- one good thing about this piece is that if someone was looking to do some outrages mod to their interior- like painting or what not- thats a pretty damn cheap price for it --- ie- buy- it paint it all crazy- and if you dont like the results- you still got your original in the car :)
too bad all parts that we wanna mod are not that cheap
I have the EX model and I have the heated seat!!!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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