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I just got my Kia Forte Koup EX after drooling over the SX for about a year. I went to the dealership to get it, and I just couldn't manage a deal on the SX, so I decided an EX would be a hell of a car as well. They gave it to me for $14,500. It is an AUTO in the dark red with a sunroof.

I am looking to possibly do some mods, mostly cosmetic, but I would like some "advice" or just ideas of what to do. I see the Kia K badge is pretty cool, and I am going to do it in black and silver. I am also interested in some other things if you have any suggestions.

As for "other than cosmetic" mods, I am only really interested in a Cold Air Intake (CAI) mod for now. I was wondering which is the best bang for the buck. I understand it is really just a pipe and a filter, no? Any help particularly in this subject would be great. I am on a TIGHT budget, so cheaper is better, but I don't really want to skimp.

Thanks for any help/advice..

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