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Hello from New York

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Just got my 2010 Forte last weekend and already have 600 miles on her. Loving it so far. I've learned from owning a Dodge Magnum R/T AWD (that I still have) that the forums are the best place to learn about a car and meet some of the best people around. So Hi everybody.:)
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we've got A LOT of NY members as well as surrounding states too :) you'll have plenty of friends. welcome to the forum
Welcome and congrats on ur new ride :)
Welcome :) friendly neighboor
Welcome Blackia!!
How come no one is ever from NYC....I feel like an oucast!! Lol
Hey ! Bienvenue !
Welcome to kia nation, and thanks for adding another forte to the new york line up!!!
herrow fellow ny person.. i dont has a forte but i'm from ny
Love my forte

So i just got my forte ex not even a month ago and i am already due for an oil change!!?? Can you say love driving it much??<3:)
just got a "new" old forte lol 2010 ex 4sp AT
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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