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Hello from Toronto, Ontario!

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Hi everyone, a Kia Forte fan and owner here from Toronto. I've been creeping these boards for a few days and decided to join as I'm looking to continue to mod and customize my car to make it mine.

I have a black Forte Koup SX with the "R" package. Got it around August and have been loving it ever since. So far whats been done to it is;

-The "R" package add ons (skirts, after market exhaust and air filter)
- Black R badging (instead of stock chrome)
-Tinted windows (I think at 20% all around)

and my favourite part; Customized R package rims (black die cast rims with a red trim around the outside). Makes the car look very sleek

Next steps are;

-Turbokit CAI (in black of course)
- Replace the kia badging with custom ones (not sure of what yet, maybe the alternate kia ones?)
-continuing to "murder" out the car; includes replacing the now chrome door handles and badging on the back with black alternatives.
-possible new brake calipers (either in black or red)

Will post pics in the upcoming days, right now I have the sx stock wheels on with snow tires for the winter and unfortunately I dont think I have any pics of the car with the custom wheels on, but ill post pics of the car with the sx wheels as well as the custom wheels in the next few days.

Great to be here!
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Welcome to the forums and please check out the GTAFK Klub section.
welcome welcome! I'm going to keep an extra eye for you on the road.. :D
Welcome! I can't wait to see the pics of your ride. Don't forget to check out the Forte of the Month contests...Kia Forte of the Month Contest - Kia Forte Forum : Sedan and Forte Koup Forums
Hey ! Bienvenue !

Can't wait to see pics !
congratulations and welcome to the community.

For some unknown reason I also dig that R package...
Welcome and congrats on ur sweet RIDE!

Hope to see u soon at one of up coming meet ups!
Got love the blk koups :)
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