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2021 Forte GT w/GT2, Currant Red, Wagner-Tuning Intercooler, Evilla Exhaust, Takeda S1 Intake
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6'2" with koup SX -- headroom is tight. Seat has stretched a bit and that helps. I've had to lay the seat back a little more than I like but it's still comfortable. At 6'5" if you have a long torso (not so long legs) you'll probably find it tight! Definitely road test for your comfort...cloth and leather seats! If the headroom does bother you don't forget the 2011 EXs will be available with the 6-speed trannies (auto and manual) -- you can get one of these without a sunroof. FYI: sedan SX has way more headroom than the Koup.
1 - 2 of 38 Posts
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