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Help! Fitment

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Hey my last post didn't work. I'm wondering if 19" 5x114.3 with a +25 offset would fit my koup. I'm not planning on lowering, thanks
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not sure about offset but it seems a little low - oem is +38/+40 Im pretty sure. You may have issues with the tire comming close to your inner wheel wells/strut tower shocks.

Also be sure to look into the correct tire size for this rim and our car as you dont want to throw off the speedo/odometer
Thanks for a headsup! Do you have an idea for what the Ideal rim/tire package would be for our car for it to be on 19's? I do t want to throw anything off.
step up would be 235/35/r19 tires, but you could stick with a 225/35/r19 tire.

7.5-8'' width should be fine on rim and offset should be between +20-40 (not 100% on this)

your local tire shop should be able to confirm. best bet is to test fit and do full turn both ways.
we wouldnt be able to tell you if a wheel would fit if you dont give us the width. cause without a width the offset means nothing.

nobody on here has went with a low offset, everyone tries to stay close to oem..

i think a low offset wheel would look awesome on our cars but idk how much space we have to work with..
need the width of the wheels dude. but +25 may be too low. i would say +35 minimum. OEM is +45/+48. if the width is 8.5, i doubt it will fit. 7.5 with +25 might barely make it tho
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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