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Help with Lights!!

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hey forumers, i was just wondering if anyone knows what kind of bulbs the daytime running lights are?? i want to change them for a pair of other bulbs that emit more of a whitish color.

thanks in advance

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The DRL's use the highbeams on a reduced current, so they are only about 60% as bright as normal. Changing your low beams to HID will do nothing for DRL... unless you're like me and run low beams on, all the time.

You need to find something like PIAA's "11655"... happy hunting.
so the DRL's are actually not a separate light?? learn something new everyday hmm that really messes with my plans lol
Thats the thing with our cars, the daytime are H1 bulbs that run at a lower current and at full for high beams,. The low beam headlights are H11b. This is the response I got from HID Canada today asking about our cars for an HID kit.

"The U-Series (HIDC-U1) will work for your low beams along with the H11 bulb types. Just a little installation tip, the wires simply need to be plugged into the H11B connector. When it comes time to the installation process and you need some help, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We typically do not recommend changing the high beams to HIDs for safety reasons. See here: (HID High Beams. Bad Idea? - HID Canada). If you are set on using high beam HIDs, then you will need the H11 U-Series (HIDC-U1). Now here is the other issue. Your high beams are the daytime running lights. If you install the kit as-is in the high beams, they will flicker when the DRLs are on. You can use the HIDC-C3 canceller which will stop the flickering and turn on the HIDs full power, but this means unless you turn the low beams on, you will be running high beams as DRL. The only options you have to overcome this is:

1. disable the DRL (optimal)
2. always turn on the low beams when running the vehicle

As for the bulb color, 4300k is creamy white and 6000k is stark white. 4300k is closer to OEM factory HID type color with maximum output. 6000k isn't that far off, but appears a bit more unique."
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thanks for the info guys.. and another question say i did wanna disable my drl's how would i do that and will it give me a warning light on my dash?
Hands down, the easiest (and most cost effective) is to use the PIAA bulbs for DRL/Highbeam... the 'white light' you want, without the legal hassles, and for less than an HID kit.

Disabling your DRLs is technically illegal... bu so are HID's, so *shrugs*... it requires a little exploring and re-wiring under the hood, so start at and go from there. I am not being overly helpful as I won't sleep a night if I spell out how to make your car illegal... and this is NOT the kind of mod 'anyone' can do... you'll be playing with live volages in your car, and can short out all kinds of things if you go to the wrong wire.

You should not get a 'bulb-out' warning. Kia has not put that into any cars, as yet (I think).
thanks for the help guys! anyone got the answer to how to disable the DRLs?
I run with mine set with the parking lights on all the time... that turns my DRL's off. I plan to replace my parking lights with the combo white amber leds so they will blend in with my "audi" style led mod. I should add that running in parking light mode makes reading the stero display a bitch during the day though lol.
really?? when i turn on my parking lights my DRLs come on automatically??
nope.. i can run with parking lights on and the only thing you see is parking and the leds. looks just like this driving down the road day or night.. the car is actually running is this pic
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i dont know why mine doesnt do that, i have three options, first is to have just DRL's, then option two is DRLs and parking lights, then final option is low beam
maybe its a canada thing.. im in the states
maybe... which sucks lol
maybe its a canada thing.. im in the states
hey pharaohkoup, how'd you get your drls up and running??
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