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i boght a new kia 2-3 months back and i love but after driving my rx7 around the styling and performance seems a bit pedestrian i know it wont be as fast as my mazda but i want to at least get 200hp out of my motor and i'll be happy:D n mabey i could get some body kit tips too please all advice/suggestios would be helpful
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How about 185hp? Or 300hp? full exhaust + CAI = 185
Turbokit.con stage II turbo = 300hp (gotta wait till summer though)
RRM's piggyback, get an intake, and get an exhaust...
Th piggyback adds like 3hp, for the price it ain't worth hp gain. Try the light weight pulley, and maybe some tuning for 200hp
I believe the piggyback gains improve as you upgrade the car
I'm pretty sure there was a thread a while ago that had information on full internals upgrades, but everything was coming out of Korea which made it hard to do for some reason. Let me see if I can find that thread again.

Edit: It was actually a site for genesis parts that someone had found. Not Kia. Sorry
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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