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Hey All! New Kia Forte Owner

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Hey All,

So, while just *looking* on Saturday, we ended up driving out of the lot in a new White 4 Door Ex! Ended up with one very sweet lease deal.

Looked at everything from Civic's to Jetta's, the refined ride by the Kia was the major selling point, in my opinion it was superior to the others, not to mention the space and all the toys. It replaces a VW 06 2.0 Turbo GTI which really was such a let down in the years we owned it (22k on the it bent a few valves, not to mention a complete new AC system at 15k and a bunch of other problems).

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Welcome to the forum scottiedog. It seems like the Forte is destined to join the ranks of vehicles to own. I know what you mean about the upkeep of a VW. I had a GTI back in 1983 and all its repairs were expensive. Glad you decided to join us here.
Grats on the new ride and welcome to the site. Lots of fun driving these cars and lots of good comments from admirers
@awcga - My first few thousand miles with the GTI were amazing, but things went quickly downhill. VW has premium running costs and there service was poor to say the least (we worked with three dealers, all very poor). After the carbon build up on the 2.0T motor, I just lost all confidence in the brand. Kia are in a great position to revive the 1983 GTI experience, a nice Turbo motor and sub $20k cost would be a winning combination!

@MFury - Thanks. Yes, most don't even know what it is, but so far in the day or so we have had it, its created a lot of interest!
Welcome and congrats on your new ride.

It sure is cool to drive a car that, IMO is totally unique and super fun to drive.
Welcome to the forum! Be ready for sleepless nights wishing you were driving instead of sleeping.
waves* hi welcome to the forum... and yes you will look for reasons to drive your new kia:)
these last few days I've got lots of "nice car"
Thanks guys!
Welcome to the forums, and good luck with the new car
Welcome and hope you enjoy the ride. Had a Jetta in a precious life however had no issues.
Welcome welcome! Its always fun to buy cars when you're not expecting to. :)
Welcome and congratulations on your unexpected acquisition. I'm sure if you're at all a "car guy" you'll be very happy with your new wheels.

I've had my sedan over 6 months now and even today I found myself stopping and staring out the window at it, sitting pretty in the sun.
Congrats on the new ride mate, hope you'll enjoy it!
Congrats on the new forte have fun trying to keep your foot off the floor!!!!!
Welcome to the forum! Be ready for sleepless nights wishing you were driving instead of sleeping.
Lol :p I just purchased a 6spd sx this past Saturday and when I'm wishing I'm driving it, I'm waxing and cleaning it up instead!!

BTW scottiedog: Enjoy your new ride, you'll love it!
congratulations and welcome!
I have to say you made a great color choice....I think :)
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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