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Hey, i'm Josué

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Hey everybody,
My name is Josué, i'm only 20 years old, i'm a panamaniam boy (from Panamá).
I get my first car a Kia Forte LX 1.6 (basic) in a local dealer, i'm very happy with my car :) because has nice gas mileage and good acceleration and looks very nice. Coming soon i'm gonna do some modifications in car and I want to compete in the Kia forte of the month Contest.
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Welcome and congrats on your new ride! :)
Welcome to the forum Josue ;)
can't wait too see what you do for mods too your car
Here one pic with my dog


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welcome to the Forte community!!!
looks good, whats the dogs name? :)
His name is "principe" (my sister put his name), but i call my dog "perro".
perro is dog in spanish XD
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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