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please close topic.. i didnt see the other topic about led!! sorry!!

Hello Guys...

It´s led time for me.. i want to buy Leds for the following parts... all the lights

on hear .. brake + rear red + reverse + turn signal
in front - fog light and turn light

and also the light that is in the side mirrors..

So I was looking and i found this:
1156 7506 1157 7528 Corner Blinker Brake Back up LED Lights Bulbs , for rear led

880 HID Style 9 SMD LED Bulbs Fog Lamp Daytime Running Driving Lights . for fog light

18 SMD 1156 1157 LED Bulbs for Corner Light, Brake Light, Tail Light , for turn light!!

Side mirror led i have no ideia of what to buy!!!!!!

So my question is, I know that kia forte has some mirror in rear lights and turn lights so it keeps a very cool visual.. if I buy this Leds will it keep the same nice looks? DO you guys have any other LED suggestions for my forte??

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