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Hi from Puerto Rico

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Hello people. I just order my Forte Sedan (red). Im very excited about the car and this community looks awesome. Hoping to drive my car soon.
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Hi, R3bborn and Subzeropr i am also from Puerto Rico, i own a blue Koup since January 3rd. (i wanted a Sedan Sx but there were no Sx Sedans available at the moment and dealers said it wasnt gonna be available here) it was hard to find a blue Sx Koup At the time i bought it there were almost no Fortes on the street, but lately i have seen more and more of the different models showing up. Im very happy with my car so far, Only mods have been: cone air filter, 20% tints all around and blue lug nuts, just ordered some 18" wheels and Eibach suspension, i cant wait...:)
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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