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Hi from Puerto Rico

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Hello people. I just order my Forte Sedan (red). Im very excited about the car and this community looks awesome. Hoping to drive my car soon.
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Thanx for the welcomes!!! Well, like subzeropr said, I havent seen a lot of Forte's in the island. But with the arrival of the Koup, that might change. I will keep u all update when my car arrive. Thanx for all!
Well, yesterday I got my SX Sedan in white (the red one didn't arrived) and Im in love with the car. Im so excited with it and the pics are coming soon!!!
Yeah, some Boricuas in here, nice. Kensai, my girlfriend wanted a Soul and I test drive the Knight trim and I have to tell that was a nice ride. But, I wanted a Koup but the 2 doors vs the 4 doors got me to the Sedan and I don't have any regreat.

alberto1dh, subzeropr and kensai, I'm happy to hear from some puertorricans here!!!
Im from Bayamon, but I can go anywhere in the island. I got my SX from Arecibo, LoL!
1 - 5 of 14 Posts
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