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Hi There

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Just bought my Forte yesterday! Stoked for the many upgrades I could do!

Used to whip around in 2nd gen Rx-7 before going Jeep for a while. Now back to a 4 door sedan.....Miss 4WD but not the horrible MPG!

Look forward to the fun!
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Welcome welcome! Once you get that mod bug, you can't stopp! Lol <3
welcome too the dark side, we have cookies..

no really enjoy the forte, theres lots of mods for sure ;)
I'm getting a really big list lol like fas93 said
Bonjourno! Watchout for Rainyraven that Forte bites! J/K!

Peace out!
Welcome aboard! I'm sure u will have a blast!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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