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Welcome to the forum :)

Quite some time ago, many people put a lot of trust in Toyota. Look where they are now.

Now Kia is the new kid in town, I'm sure that the new kid wants to prove that it belongs in the game. Having said that, there are ups and downs in everything.

From my personal experience, this is now second Kia. I also own a 2006 Sedona Ex. The van has about 90K on it and I've had absolutely no trouble at all. All I've done is my regular maint. and thats it.

With the Koup.......I've just completed my 1st oil change. I am so happy with this car. Not only does it run sweet , but its cool, stylish....and I'm telling you the Civic Nation is definately watching in envy :)

Good luck in the career and whatever ride you get.
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