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Generally, if your vehicle doesn't come from factory with HID's installed, it's illegal to retrofit them due to the improper lighting pattern. Our headlamp reflectors are not designed for HID lighting.

Some earlier Nissan's had revised housings (from factory) so they could run HID's while projectors were being developed. Now all HID equipped vehicle's I've seen from the factory are set up with projectors to achieve the proper light patterns that meet motor vehicle safety standards.

I've come across HID bulbs with a lower metal shield attached to it to help reduce the oncoming glare. I don't know if they're available for our bulbs though.
Just a thought if you think it'll be a concern with law enforcement in your area.

Thats a funny one:
(3) A headlamp must have a high beam
The reason behind this one is due to some people wanting to drive with only they're fogs on.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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