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HID Problems

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So, I got in the car yesterday evening, turned on the headlights, and nothing... I had parking and Audi lights, but no headlights. I checked the fuses, and none are burnt. I'm going to dig into it when I get home, but any suggestions on where to start? Anyone ever hear of this? It's a DDM 55w slim kit. UGH. Strange that they just quit at the same time...
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maybe bad ballasts?
did you notice flickering before they decided to not work?
and do you have a relay?
did you get the harness? if not they proly burnt up. when i installed my, the passenger side didnt light up. took it all apart and notice that the bulb was pluged in wrong on the ballast. plugged it in correct that time and they worked. but if yours have been workin and then just stopped, they might have burnt up:(:( i had my for about 2 months and no problems (knock on wood) i got 35 watt 6000k
this might sound like a stupid question, but did you turn on your ignition?

in our fortes, the headlights do not light up unless the key is in the "acc" or "on" position (parking lights will always light up, even if there is no key in the ignition). implemented in case you forget to turn off your lights after you park (so you don't drain the battery as fast).
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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