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HIDs...daaang they're bright.

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i know many of you on here have installed HID kits to your fortes..

1) how often do you get high-beams flashed at you (or just put on and they leave them on as they are driving towards you) since you have put your HIDs in? i've seen it talked about briefly during posts of people's hid threads, but i jus want to hear from yall here..

i've had mine in since saturday, and tuesday night i was coming home with almost every other car flashing high beams at me... :/

i adjusted the lights when i got home, but now they seem too low...i dont feel like i am getting the distance of light as i should. i tried setting them, and walking out from my car and walking towards it (100ft+ then back) and daang they are bright lights shining at you.

(i also have 6000K fogs in) and for those of you who have HID fogs,
2) do you run your fogs all the time? im used to the extra light from the fogs running, and i hate not running them (for my own sake..hah)

3) anyone been pulled over for having lights so bright the police think you're running your highs all the time? :(

4) so what do yall do to keep from high beams always being shined back at you? or police pulling you over?
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I bet the fogs are the problem...

Lights designed around the H11 bulb are very well designed in terms of cut off and glare control. This is because the H11 is a very exact bulb in terms of filament placement. The bulb filament placement is also fairly close to a H11 HID rebased bulb. That's not to say you should go with an HID in a halogen reflector retrofit, as there is extra glare. With that said it's not super terrible as say a 9007 retro.

The 88x series of bulb have junk specs. Thank god they don't give off a lot of light because they have terrible glare control. You really need to lower your fogs with a HID retrofit take a look at the front I bet you'll notice that most of the glare is from the fogs.
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