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So I tagged a deer on the way into work this morning. Not as bad as it could have been but I've got some damage to fix. This is on a Silver 2010 Forte Koup SX.

I definitely need the following:
  • Radiator Support
  • Hood
  • Passenger side headlight

Radiator support seems to have saved me on this one. I thought it had a plastic cover, I never expected it to be completely plastic. Looks like it broke and cracked instead of spreading the impact into the fender aprons. Appears to just bolt into place, so should be relatively easy to replace. Is this piece interchangeable between the sedan, koup, and hatch? My gut is telling me that it is, but want to confirm.

Hood got crumpled good. Doubt it can be straightened and even if it could it would be cheaper to replace with a new one. Of course I don't mind used either if it'll save money. I'm pretty certain that I've read that the hoods are interchangeable between. Is that correct?

Passenger side headlight busted, no big deal I was planning to replace them anyway do to age and yellowing/hazing. I would have preferred to replace on my schedule though. I know the headlights are interchangeable between the Koup, sedan and 5 door Fortes 2010-2013. Just got to decide if I want to go back stock, aftermarket housings, or find someone to buy a set of HID conversions from. Can't do much with that until the previous two are fixed.

May need the following:
  • Passenger side fender
  • Hood Hinge
  • Grills
Are the front fenders interchangeable between the Koup, Sedan, and Hatch? I'm not sure if I need the fender replaced or not. It looks fine, but is not lining up quite right with the a pillar on the back edge. It may be fine and just tweaked by other parts not being right.

Hood Hinge looks about right just eyeing it, but with the hit to the hood it may be damaged. If it is damaged it could be what's throwing off the fender fitment. Pretty sure that it is interchangeable.

The lower grill is probably fine, but has popped out of the bumper cover some. Want to replace due to wear and tear, but won't right now if it isn't necessary. The upper grill may have been caught by the deer. I think it is damaged, but won't know for sure until I see how it fits after replacing bumper and hood. Will probably stay with original parts, haven't found an aftermarket set that I'm crazy about.

I know the next step is to wait for the Insurance Adjuster and see what the body shop says. I have a feeling that I'm going to doing most of the work myself since there doesn't appear to be any major structural damage and the damaged parts bolt on. To that end I've been seeing what parts may be available locally. There is a 2010 Forte Sedan about an hours away that is the same color, thinking it might be a source for hood, headlights and radiator support. There is a silver 2011 Koup in a junkyard about 3 hours away, but pictures don't show if it has front end damage.

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Hood and Radiator support are same between Koup and Sedan: Hood PN 66400-1M010, Rad Support PN 64101-1M000
Head lights are interchangeable by fit, HOWEVER, the Koup headlights are chrome inside while the sedan uses headlights that are black inside - just make sure to match what you have.
I'm not sure about the fenders - they have different part numbers.

Good Luck!
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