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Hiya folks! New Kia owner from Toronto!

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Bunch of firsts for me: first time on this message board, first Kia, first time I buy new instead of used...:D I just bought a 2011 Kia Forte EX, in Spicy Red.

For all of the doom sayers who were telling me I was asking for trouble buying from 427 QEW Kia...the car was obtained as described, no hidden fees, the $500.00 security deposit was refunded as agreed and the bi-weekly payments are low and affordable; as is the interest rate. :cool:

I was treated with respect. Agreed sales tactics can get a bit pushy, but in my experience (I've dealt with two Chrysler dealerships for my two prior cars) that can be said for any dealership :rolleyes:. Ditto with the "You'll void the warranty if you don't bring the car to the dealership for maintenace and repairs" bit (Chrylser were equally bad for this), my mechanic had a good laugh about that one; as Certigards and Master Mechanics are fully certified for warranty work.:rolleyes:

That being said, while I've only driven the Forte home from the dealership, I'm impressed. I find my new Forte's suspension a lot comfier than my old Neon's. And it's a lot more "responsive": it handles better, the acceleration requires very little foot pressure on the gas pedal, and the brakes don't need a lot of pressure on the brake pedal for the car to come to a full stop...impressive.

I'm more interested in fuel economy, but I can appreciate that it packs some extra "oompf" under the hood!
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Congratulations! And Welcome to the Forte family =]
Congratulations! And Welcome to the Forte family =]
Thanks! I popped a CD in the stereo and took it for a ride around the block using the worst streets for skipping, Tom Petty sounded just fine regardless of the uneven pavement. No scraping of the under-carriage on the pavement when driving into driveways (both my prior Neons were notorious for this)...I'm gonna like this one! :D
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