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Holy s*** Check this koup out!

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I absolutely love the artwork on this car!
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It's pretty sweet! I just want like half of what that one has and I'll be happy!
Here's more info on the 2.Ol A/T Koup

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This car is just so intense! Who knew a kia could be this hardcore?? I was actually thinking of doing some artwork on the sides of the car underneath the side mirrors going down... but that still a longshot! And man look at all those mods!
when I see this IM disappointed about the color of my koup since Ive ordered it in white but they didn't found any one for a long time :( by the way Im happy of the choice ive made except I think the racing red color look too much orange in the dark or plain sunshine ...
It's pretty cool artwork, but I wouldn't get something like that on a car. And I'm not a huge fan of the yellow on the headlights. I've always thought that yellow tint makes things look dirty from a distance. Aside from that, it's a sick Koup. Almost makes me want a white one...
i wana cry this is a pretty turbo did you guys see that dyno chart omggggggg love it i would just remove anything pink on it .... lol
I'm curious how much boost the transmission can handle before gears start snapping.
I'm curious how much boost the transmission can handle before gears start snapping.
i guess we will have to test the limits 15psi anyone ???? :D
It's too bad the car was barely visible for the first 47 seconds.... :D
The red calipers look good...but that's about it.
All that and it's an Auto?? Doesn't make a lot of sense to me...
I'll keep my car and add the hot chick to mine, thats all the extra bling I need. Don't care for the yellow headlights since it makes it looks like aged plastic. Pink dash would only make sense if it was her car. Love the turbo and dyno results.
Another Koup:

more koups!:

Looks nice! Love the Turbo, the decals are ok and the yellow headlights have got to go. Nice find OP :)
Yeah, I do agree that the tint on the headlights is outrageously tacky. But this other forte.. its a sedan with the koup front bumper! :confused: I don't think it looks right on the sedan.

And omg its koup mania! They are so many of them!!! I would love to be in that race!
I dont like the yellow lights. Or the pink dash. but other that that I WANT!
Hate t oday it but the sedans look sooo much beter to me not a fan of the koup and they way the same sooo power to weight wise your not loosin anything the only thing is with this car the whole point is that kia is makin a coupe now so getting th sedan is very legendary still im an sx sedan 6 speed fan haha the white koupe they have would be hotter without all the graphics like the sedan

Here's more info on the 2.Ol A/T Koup

Anybody know wat's the specs of the rims?
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