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Hood mask or deflector

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First let me say hello to all.
Second, just looking for some opinions.
What do you guys think looks better, thinking of getting one. Not sure which I like better. I have a Titanium EX Koup.

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The masks tend the cause clearcoat and paint damage over time since sand gets between the mask and hood acts as sandpaper when the wind is hitting it.
Thanks for the info, that is good to know. Looks like the mask is out.
Now it is down to the deflector or nothing ... lol.
I like the second one. It looks cleaner than the first one.
I was leaning towards the second one, but after MFury's advice about dirt and grit getting in there maybe I'll just leave it plain. The deflector is made of plastic and I've seen them on other cars cracked and broken. Pros and cons with everything I guess. I'm like a kid with a new toy though, I want to get all the add ons I can:D
If you really wanted a mask you could get the 3M clearbra film and then put the mask over that. More expensive though.

I recommend some type of protector though due to the thin paint job and very easy chips you will be getting.
Thanks again for the sound advice, I'll look into the 3M clearbra / Mask combo. I want to keep this bad boy nice for as long as possible.
Great advice and wisdom from everyone so far and as an added bonus comedy ... this is a great forum
But seriously I'm glad your ok and your car is going to be fixed. I'll have to think for a while what I'll add. I'm still all giddy over having this car, I'm not sure what I'll do first ... lol ... I'm easily distracted by shiney things :D
I have the mask, it is simple (fast) to put on or take off.....and looks good when its on.
I have used hood masks for years without any problems.
I do not keep it installed all year long and keep the paint area under the mask clean and waxed. In my case I like to put it on for road trips and for the times the bugs or bugging.:)
So it is easy to put on and take off such as when I wash the car once a week ? Or will that be to much trouble ? because this would be an on most of the time thing. Guess it depends on how lazy I get right ? .. lol.
Thanks everyone for the advice and opinions. I learned a few things.
I've decided to go with the deflector .... I know you will all sleep much better knowing I have made this decision :D I guess the mods cam close this thread now, since the decision is final ... until I change my mind again.... lol ... really though, thanks people !
I personally have the hood deflector, I got it installed by KIA ~ $175. It actually adds a nice touch to my Black SX. see for yourself.
Looks good. I think the deflector would look good on my titanium. I'll put it on myself and save a few bucks .... and then pay the dealer double to fix what ever I mess up ... lol.
1 - 8 of 17 Posts
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