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Hood/Sunroof guards

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Hey all, new to the forums. Just got my Kia Forte Koup on the weekend and was wondering if anyone has installed the hood or sunroof guards? I am wondering if they just clip on, or use 3M tape as well (reason being is I kind of want to put the hood guard on in the winter, and remove it in the summer, but with 3M tape, might make that hard)

Thanks all! AWSOME FORUM!
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Welcome and congrats on the new car.
Got the hood guard. It screws onto the hood in the center after slipping it underneath the rubber seal, and then clips on to the outboard edges of the hood with 4 provided clips and little strips of hood protection film.


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Nice! Thanks CorsaKoup! Just what I wanted to hear (now my hood wont be full of rock chips from all the crap they put on the roads here in the winter) :)
Don't be under the impression that it will protect your hood completely. I have 2 rock chips less than 4 inches beyond the guard. It can't protect you from rocks that come from above, as it is VERY low profile. You can barely fit your fingers between it and the surface of the hood. But it is a good defense for the leading edge of the hood.
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