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How can I make my headlight housing black like this???

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This is the headlight housing right?

The headlights look amazing this way! I really want to do this. Anyone know how?!?! Plz help!
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its not hard to do at all actually. ive done it to almost all the cars ive owned. on other forum websites, i was an AMM (approved merchant member) where people would mail me thier lights, i would paint to thier liking, and mail them back. i would even install projector housings into thier lights, and install HID as well. when the got their lights back, all the had to do was put them back on thier car, and mount the ballast where they pleased.

i actually am going to do this to my Koups healights, but im waiting on projector housings to come out for the H11 bulbs
Ah i need to get on this then! I'm really scared I'm gonna ruin something....

the two hardest parts are when taking the healight apart, to to pry it open EVENLY all the way around, to prevent kinks in the seal. and when putting it back together. making sure that you seal it all the way back up, so that way you dont get foggy headlights when you drive:)
Thants what i plan on doing, but right now im just waiting on Retrofit Source to come out with Projector housing for the H11 bulb. And even if you guys dont want Projector housing, i can always paint them black, red, or whatever color you would want your bezel to be.
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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