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How can I make my headlight housing black like this???

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This is the headlight housing right?

The headlights look amazing this way! I really want to do this. Anyone know how?!?! Plz help!
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Ah! Baking headlights?!! That doesn't sound appetizing! Lol. Dam, that sounds really hard to do. But this looks too amazing to pass up!
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This is the website that I found the black housing on... They sell alot of really really cool stuff!! Too bad its from korea!! D: And the website is in korean too!
its not hard to do at all actually. ive done it to almost all the cars ive owned. on other forum websites, i was an AMM (approved merchant member) where people would mail me thier lights, i would paint to thier liking, and mail them back. i would even install projector housings into thier lights, and install HID as well. when the got their lights back, all the had to do was put them back on thier car, and mount the ballast where they pleased.

i actually am going to do this to my Koups healights, but im waiting on projector housings to come out for the H11 headlights.
Ah i need to get on this then! I'm really scared I'm gonna ruin something....
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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