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How do i Remove.....

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Hi All this is my first post so please be gentle.....

This may have been covered b4 on this forum, but i am wanting to replace all the Kia badges on my Koupe.......Wheel Hubs, Front and Rear and the Steering wheel.

Any advice how i can remove the existing ones without causing any damage would be greatly appreciated......

Also any advice on the best places to buy from would be good...

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Hey here's a link on Ebay that has everything you'll need for the Koup.

KIA CERATO KOUP forte koup 2010 Kia Logo EMBLEM SET 7ea: eBay Motors (item 290452642019 end time Aug-08-10 00:13:46 PDT)

I debadged my stock grille and rear emblem. The grill is a little tricky, I used a hair dryer and heated the grille emblem up for 15 second intervals. Once the 3M tape got loose I pushed the emblem from inside the grille out with a flathead.

The rear emblem is easier. I used the hair dryer to heat up the glue, then from inside the trunk I removed the interior cover on the part of the truck that opens up so I could see the back part of the emblem. I removed all the screws in the cover and then I used the same flathead to push it out the emblem. Remember to be patient and good luck :)
Cheers matey, thats great....
Also check out the DIY sections (it's under engine DIY) one of the members did walk throughs on everything but the wheels
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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