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How do you remove the center console?!!!

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Im trying to set up some leds in my cupholder and center console. How do you remove the center console to get underneath it???
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easiest thing to do is look up on the twm performance website for instalation of forte short shifter. Gives step by step instructions....if your car is a m/t at least
Thanks guys! got it done.. installed the cupholder and centerconsole forte koup led mod.. went pretty well except the fuse i hooked it up to at first blew so now i have them hooked up to two different fuses and it works! need an idea for my next mod!
I just bought the interior led kit (OEM) and had dealership install

The kit cost me a lot , but dealer install was suprisingly cheap

300 $ - light kit

50 $ - install ( in 1 day !! )

A lil pricey , but it was done right and looks flawless , and they installed a button in my console that changes between 20 preset colors
i will put pics up soon and see what you guys think!!
I plan on doing the same thing, but are there instructions out there on how to remove the center console for an EX sedan with automatic transmission or is it pretty much the same as the manual transmission?
If all you're doing is removing the centre console (and not the shift apparatus), then the steps will be essentially the same.
So it is possible for the center console to be removed without having to take off the shifter?
No, as it won't fit over the knob. But as I recall, you only need to twist and slide down the piece right under the knob then remove a c clamp and the knob comes off.
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