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How do you wash/clean your fortes?

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So, I am aware that this question may have been asked previously, but I'm in need of a direct and more updated answer.

How do you wash / clean your cars? What kind of car washing soap do you use? Do you use detailing spray?

When I drove around my 07 Milan, I'll be 100% honest, I used just regular soap and water with a long brush and didn't even think twice. With my koup.... yea, I'll be hand toweling my baby until the end. I witnessed my friend running her hand over my trunk and even the slightest touch of her ring gave me a scratch :(

I know that I need to pick up a jar of Meguiars 2.0 wax... but I would like some more feedback on what I can use to get my car clean. Thanks! :)
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To be honest, I have an army of car wash soaps in my garage and they all seem to do a great job. They're pretty much the ones you buy at Autozone or any other car store. The thing you will need is a set of microfiber towels to wipe down the car and a couple of microfiber glove scrubbers [haha I have no idea what they're really called]. You really don't even need Windex for the windows, microfiber towels do such a great job at cleaning cars. For the rims I use the microfiber glove thing to scrub it down after I soap up my Koup. Then I spray it off and apply a spray on rim cleaner, spray that off and wipe the rims down with a microfiber towel. If you want to detail your tires I suggest buying the foaming tire spray and spraying that on a sponge and using the sponge to apply the tire spray onto the tires. It looks better and won't get on your rims or car paint. Also keep a small microfiber towel in your Koup just so when it gets dusty you can wipe the interior down.

Ha I see you're in the New England area, good luck with the salt this winter! I'm up in MA but I'm taking my Koup off the road from Nov 2010 to early 2012.
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UGH we get so much salt here, its gonna suck so bad :(
I go to one of the car washes where you do it yourself- use the high pressure soap/rinse/wax... but NEVER the foam brush since it's possible that dirt and rocks and crap from the last user are stuck in the bristles.
MICROfiber glove is the way to go! i have two of those in my car for raining days or just to wipe before i drive my car. Those things do wonders.! and when u go to the car wash, do it yourself and do the triple foam wax...keeps ur car fresh and clean.
Bleche White sprayed inside the fender wells & on tires. If they're really filthy, scrub them with a seperate wash mitt (NOT THE SAME ONE YOU WASH THE CAR WITH!!!) I can't stand dirty fender wells on a clean car.

Meguiars Gold class car wash, microfiber wash mitt, luke warm bucket of water. Entire car sprayed with a strong jet to remove any loose material. Wash all windows & painted surfaces first, leaving wheels for last. Wash out the mitt & bucket thoroughly, re-fill the bucket halfway with clean water, put the mitt in it & store it that way. This prevents hard water deposits from hardening in the mitt.

Dry car with microfiber towels. Don't forget the door, hood & trunk jambs.

I used to use a detailing spray afterward, but I find that it attracts way too much dust. If I feel the paint needs protection, I throw on a coat of carnauba.

Use the tire dressing of your choice. I prefer Black Magic foam.

When I'm in the mood for detail work, I apply Armor All or Black Magic gel to the black trim around the windows, on the mirrors, at the base of the windshield, and the rear diffuser. This keeps sun fade at bay and makes all the black trim 'pop' in contrast to the paint.

Vacuum the inside, wipe everything down with a damp microfiber cloth. Wipe down the inside of the windows with the same cloth, and use a dry one to remove excess moisture. Works way better than windex / paper towels.
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Everything stated above and I use the black magic tire ge for tires. I'm not a fanof sprays cuz you don't really know where the spray is going and if its good or bad for brakes or the paint(if the wind blows while spraying) so I use the gel. It comes with a pad but I just use a shammy to rub it on. Imo, beststuff out there
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