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How far does 3rd gear streach?

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Just haven't notice how far does 3rd gear go till I have to shift. Anyone tried this yet? After the flash I manage 112mph. Thanks for your input in advance
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just a little over 90 for me, "tested" it out the other day on the way to school lol
(on my private drag strip)
Nice 7300rpm made a diffrence :)
165 km/h on my stock six speed. I'd like 7300 RPM :p
Nice 7300rpm made a diffrence :)
maaaan! thats a hell of a rev limiter lol
Soundclip of the engine going to 7300 rpm? :)
7300 rpm is encouraging, this engine's gotta be durable.
yes when i have time and a camera i will. on my phone it will sound like shit
I do not know but i will try on the way home tommorrow night and let you all know!!!
Me too, around 102 mph (165kmh)
I think that will be anout correct, i think mine that it is a auto will be arround 100mph!!!
tested it coming home from work. 157 km/h with the stock rev limiter
tested it coming home from work. 157 km/h with the stock rev limiter
Same here- I've taken mine to 95 MPH-6,000rpm without red lining :D
Yeah, my friend tested it out b/c I was too chicken to run my baby that hard. He got to like 92ish at like 5 or 6k rpm... I don't remember which it was... Lol
my shifter gets stuck around those rpm :(... it takes a few tries...
You guys got to get this flash I hit 135mph on 4th I know it could of Keept going. I ran out of road my friend has a cam sucks it's raining will record asap I know I can hit 150mph :) I notice wen shifting from 1st to 2nd I get a boost of force which pulls the car the same on 2nd to 3rd it's amazing can't describe the feeling. Just feels like a big push
i've done it several times and mines shift at 110. I just floored it until it went into 4th. But yes so far 110 for me at what rpm just about the same as u i believe. It might be right about the same. Ever since i installed the TK CAI and exhaust instead of shifting at 6500 it went up to 7000+. I hope everything is alright though that shit freaked me out lol
I know that 2nd gear will run to 80 mph and i tried to top out 3rd gear but i ran out of road at 110 mph and about 5500 rpms but she wanted to go more,
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