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How many miles have you gone.

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Just curious to see how far you guys/girls have driven your Fortes....

I bought my Forte Koup Sx in October of '09 and have not gotten out of the driver seat since :p.

So, that means i have a ton of miles on it, 21,000 to be more accurate. :)
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may 27, 2010
9,5xxx can't remember exact miles at the moment, but I'm even suprised I've drove this far already.. Wow!
oh you crazy Canadians and your mad up units of measurement. SO PRECIOUS
I got mine on June 4, 2010 and it now have a little more than 2,800 miles.
I got mine on June 4, 2010 and it now have a little more than 2,800 miles.
You got your forte on my birthday! :D
jun 2010........ 7600miles.....not bad!!!!
You got your forte on my birthday! :D
COOL! That day is really special! :D
Bought at the end of Feb. 2010 have just under 14k miles.
2000+ miles since I purchased on 8/8/10, Vehicle came with 47 miles.
Bought my baby in feb and I just hit 12k yesterday! :D
I'm not feeling so bad anymore... I bought my EX on valentines' day 2010, and I have just under 18,000 miles... I put about 100 miles/day.

There are some of you that are on that same track as I am... Our warranties are going to expire after just two years... :(
Since July 2010 and as of today I got over 1100 miles
I have had mine since November 2009 and have about 9,400.
463 miles...I've only had the car about 3 weeks now.
Dec 27 2009 6060 miles.

I was on 95% travel for my old job so anytime I was home, I was either fully at home or off roaming the area.
Nov 2009 and I just passed 25,000 miles. :)
Damn, you drive a lot! :eek:

I thought I had the most. Mid Oct 2009 and just hit 20,500 miles.
after tonight 1300 and the car is gonna be 5 weeks old but it did have 45 miles before i got the car
Had mine since early May '10 and have 6k on it.
You got your forte on my birthday! :D
So would you say with proper service that a Forte can get over 60000 miles on it?
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