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How much have you guys spent?

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No bogus amounts but roughly how much has everyone invested in their cars. I'm only 19 and I just bought my ex 2011 sedan for a little over 22k (taxes..). With insurence and stuff its a little over 600 a month. I have only done the windows / exterior leds and rims so far , so maybe 1.2kish in mods.

You guys?
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We talking about just mods, or including instalation?
$22k for my 2010 Sx Sedan + $2000 for the extended warranty 7 yr/160,00 km (only 5yr 100,00km standard in Canada) + another $600 for tint and vinyl mask works out to $213 biweekly for 60mo.

Mods, including wheels $1000, caliper covers $600, spoilers $1000, Turbokits CAI $250, leds, new headlights and a bunch of new mods yet to be intalled, another $2500 at least and more to come. about $6000 in total so far.

Understand that i use my car for business over 90% of the time so all of this can be written off on my income tax, that makes a huge difference.
$18.5k for a 2010 sx 6spd (got a great deal)
Rims, tires, short shifter, body kit, spoiler, springs, tints, lights, turbo (ordered but don't have it yet), paint, gauges, and other misc stuff.....a little over $14,000 in mods...
Turbo, tires, rims, and paint came out to over 10k alone. And I'm not finished yet!! Lol have to do the custom system in the trunk and a few other things. So figure maybe another 4-5k more. I should have gotten an STI =\
(K) had the whole car repainted? How much roughly was that? If so can you tell the difference between that paint and dealer paint??? Just curious....In my area a professional paint job costs about $2500.00 or so...That included stripping the car, removing all sills, masking, jams...everything...Trying to see how reasonable that is compared to other localities...
22k for my 2010 2.4l forte sx paid off the last 16 grand 2 weeks ago. new motor,turbo,wot box,tires,hid,rally stripe,tints,cai,tk exhaust,high flow cat,front end conversion of a koup,number 7 caps,vortex generators,cf hood,hood pins, stage 2+ clutch, light weight flywheel,rrm light weight pulley,bushing set damn thats all I can think of on top of my head. Price? You can only imagine
I've spent about $100 on LED lights, including Audi DRLs. $25 on SRI. $70 on Sharkfin Antenna. Tinted windows came with the package when I bought the car.
I had the body kit and spoiler painted and installed, then the roof and pillars painted black, then the whole car wet sanded and clear coated. They clear coat is whats going to make the bitch shine!!! It came out to about 2k
Blowing up your engine and getting a new one is a mod? Lmao that should be put under the category boo's!
It could be if internals were done up ;)
$23k for my 2011 SX 6sp AT Koup + $3500 for R package painted and installed from the dealer. That included side skirts, lip skirts, spoiler, and exhaust.

In the coming weeks I'll probably be spending about $2000 to $4000 for new rims and rubber, just not too sure what to get yet. I really like the BBS RGR rims, but they're alot of money.
$25k for '10 SX MT, $2200 for Ext. War., $2000 for job-loss protection, $2300 for undercoating etc, After taxes and what-not I'm at $200 bi-weekly plus $150/mo insurance.
$250 for tint, $350 for some barely used rubber, $100 for various LED's, $50 for custom front plate, $35 for "factory Ram-Intake", $25 for Vortex Generators, $190 for various detailing products I didn't already have.(yes I consider that a mod because every time I re-apply, I fall in love all over again!)

So I guess that makes me almost exactly $1000 in mods... so far
Paid about 20K for fully loaded '10 koup SX M/T. $750 for nav and remote starter, 150$ for tints, about $200 in emblems, $1200 in wheels and tires, about $1000 in exhaust with installation, around $100 for assorted LED's, $90 for custom plate ($35 annually)...probably stuff I'm forgetting but that's about $3500 in less then a year for mods alone :) and plenty more to come :)
15k for the car, 2k for gap protection and all that, 700 for wheels and tires, 300 for exhaust system, 50 for the air filter, and about 500 in oil and filters so far.
"2k for gap protection and all that"

What's "all that"?

Gap protection should just be a couple hundred if bought outright, or a few bucks a month from your insurer, or even free if you get it and your loan from a good credit union.
I am also 19 years old. I got my SX koup for like $19k from the showroom floor since it was the only koup at the dealer. i paid 10k and my parents paid the other half. got denied for a car loan.. boo!... so we went all cash. paid like $220+ for tint job(should of went darker..ill probably put in 20% soon.) $30 for all weather mats from walmart. $8 for smd led license plate lights from ebay. $2 for my oakley logo on my windshield. $4 for beach towels to protect my cloth seats. now i am trying so hard to pay off the remaining 7k to my parents so i can get that turbo!!
I bought my Forte Sedan LX when I was 19 too! (lucky number). It was about 17k out the door (including taxes and registration), I put down 10k and my payments are $155 a month. Spent $110 on tint, $40 on seat covers, $40 on HIDs, $4 on SMD bulbs (for the license plate). Waiting to find a wrecked sedan in my area so I can take out all the power options and install it on my car (not as hard as some people might think).
I forgot...$1 for my air freshner!
anthonydv07, yep lucky number. haha
im sure you'll find a car with power stuff.
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