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2020 KIA Forte GT Manual
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Hello everyone. I have a 23 Forte GT and I’m wanting to give my GT a bit of a boost. This is what I want to do to the car:

XForce exhaust (already done)
Afe stage 2 CAI (already done)
Intercooler (pre ordered)
JB4 93 tune (arrived but not done)

I’m assuming all of this could put me around 225-230whp. What I want to know is are there any other supporting mods I should do to make sure this car is fine at this level? And what power does it start getting bad for the engine/turbo?

thank you guys.
I'd throw in bushings for engine and transmission from Powerflex, a BOV that can handle more boost with a N75 BOV solenoid, and (optional if you have a 6 speed) the BMS throttle controller to complete the JB4.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts