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Hybrid Bumper=SEXXXY

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Is there anyway i can get one of these on my future Forte Sedan? thanks for the input!
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You would have to change out your headlights, bumper, fenders and still it most likely will not work. Sorry but would look really nice if you could figure a way to make it happen.
really? To me it only looks like a simple front bumper swap and some fog light re-wiring would do the trick. everything else looks pretty much stock. any other opinions?
yeah to me it looks like a simple bumper swap. I mean if a sedan can do a koup bumper swap, why wouldn't it beable to do a sedan to sedan swap? just my .02
looks like a civic si that was posted on here. the 2011 model i think. i dont like it at all
haha i think it looks BETTER than a crappy 'ol civic si ;D but no its from the hybrid version of the forte sedan.. just dont know what its called exactly, but i would love to get my hands on that bumper if i could!
my guess...You will probably have to wait for the Forte Hybrid to go into mass production, then you'd be able to pick up the bumper from the dealer.
No really a fan of that particular bumper. Not sure what KIA was thinking on this one. But as always eveyone has their preference Otenko, if you could figure a way to bolt it onto your forte with all having to make too many mods it coudl work.

Wait for mass production and go for it.
Looks kinda like the new VW's
i agree xray, it looks like it has more of that euro-vibe to it. i guess we can thank Peter Schreyer for that! ;D
We will have to wait and see, Is that a concept model? The grille looks a little different and don't know if that will cause problems lining up. I like the fogs though, they are reall unique and no one would figure what car that is.

here is the EcoDynamic Forte Hybrid. and I think I'm having a case of yellow fever!

also here is a link to buy the grill. but I don't see the bumper yet for sale.
haha yellow fever for the car or the women, huh mr. Forplay? or maybe both? haha! Awesome link, and thank you!
LPI Forte needs to go into mass production NAOO!!
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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