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The only colour I wanted was white. I wouldn't have bought the Koup if I couldn't have it in white. The Dealer/Salesperson tried to talk me into a car that was in inventory on the lot. They told me it was a 3 month wait for a white Koup. I said, "Okay, here's my deposit. Call me when it arrives." Three days later they managed to 'find' a white Koup.
EXACT same thing happened to me. I told them that I only wanted white, end of discussion. He said "ok, but let me know asap because it's going to take 3 months to get one"

So I went back when there was 3 months left on my Mazda lease and told him to go ahead and order the white one for me. 6 days later he calls and asks me to come pick it up!
1 - 1 of 29 Posts
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