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And I never get informed when I sign the contract and i can't even cancel my contract! And they think I can't understand situation well enough due to my enliglish accent an kindly explain the process of car making and shipping from south korea in detail which they think I dont understand
Why it takes few weeks for shipping g from Korea... With sarcastic tone !!
I'm guessing the dealership told you that you can't cancel the contract? Of course they are going to tell you this... it does not need to be correct and it's their loss if you do cancel.

I can't speak for CA law but I'm guessing that 1) there was some initial agreement as to when the product would be delivered and 2) that they have some reasonable time frame to deliver the product if it's not specified in the contract. To look at it another way... what is to prevent them from delivering the car 2 years from now? When you signed I'm also guessing that there was some type of verbal info given as to when the car would be delivered? If so, this also enters into the agreement.

My recommendation is to search online for case law (what we call it here in the US, laws made via judges decisions on cases) or even contract law that gives someone a time limit to deliver a product if that time limit is not set in the contract itself. Go back to the _manager_ of the dealership with the information that you obtain. If correct, let the manager know that you will be cancelling the contract based on [the info you obtained]. Let the manager know you'd be willing to workout a comprimise instead, if they want to keep your business. If he/she is willing to discuss I'm sure (being a car salesman) that they will want to charge you for an "upgrade". I have no doubt this realy equates to them making more money off of the deal.
1 - 1 of 29 Posts
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